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About Us

Nimisha Agrawal
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Founder & Chief Design Officer

Kritika Agrawal
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Co-Founder & Brand and Strategy advisor

About Abhivyakti

"Art is an amalgamation of the artist’s expression and the viewer’s interpretation. यह मेल है कलाकार की अभिव्यक्ति और दर्शक की विवेचना का।"


Abhivyakti was conceptualised for the love of Indian folk and tribal art forms, to bring out the stories within the art, and to forge a deeper connect with the communities through their art.


Nimisha and Kritika (Founders) have had a very close connect with the Indian cultural heritage since their childhood. Dinner table conversations at home largely revolved around topics of art & heritage conservation. 


They have grown up hearing the stories from their grandparents behind each object d'art at home. 

These anecdotes made the objects even more special and inspired Nimisha (an architect) and Kritika (a lawyer) to focus on the artists’ Abhivyakti!


“Art is evocative of the times, of the past, the present and the future.”


The inspiration to start Abhivyakti has been their grandparents’ love for Indian cultural heritage and tribal arts - Padma Shri Dr. O.P. Agrawal (art & cultural heritage conservator) and Smt. Usha Agrawal (author of the Directory of Museums in India).


Abhivyakti is a step towards promoting & preserving our cultural heritage, celebrating the diversity of art forms of India and fostering a sense of common identity through Indian art.

Our Philosophy

At Abhivyakti Studio, we believe that preserving the traditions and embracing the modernities are mutually inclusive.

Our offering includes a range of authentic and original traditional folk, tribal and Indian art forms by master artisans & craftsmen along with a range of reimagined art products designed in-house with a contemporary approach.

Our mission

Through our studio, we aim to connect with the artisan communities, the people and their expressions. 

Our Studio works directly with the artisans to ensure that the benefits reach the community.


The word Pichwai, literally translates to

'that which hangs at the back',

and refers to a unique form of pictorial textiles used traditionally as backdrops in the shrines of Shrinathji.


Today, a resplendent Pichwai painting takes centre stage and is the perfect art de luxe for your home

Causes We Support





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About Abhivyakti
About Nimisha
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Nimisha Agrawal


Founder & Chief Design Officer at Abhivyakti Studio

Founder Architect and Interior Designer at Studio11d

As an architect, I believe that while designing a space we envision to reflect the occupants’ personality. The attention is given to structural details like adding a window seat for someone who likes to read in their corner, carving out a bigger balcony for a plant lover or creating an open kitchen for a family that cooks together!


The art aesthetics, on the other hand, while present in a lot of buildings are mostly always an afterthought.

I wanted to change that! 


Abhivyakti, an extension of my architectural practice, envisions to bring about this change and imbibe art from the design stage itself.


Taking a cue from the marvellous structures that we’ve been building in India through the centuries whether it’s the Jaipur palaces or the monasteries in Ladakh or the temples in Konark - art was very much a part of architecture and went hand in hand.


The grandeur of India’s architectural heritage lies in its cohesiveness and synchronicity with the art.


At Abhivyakti, we focus on intrinsically Indian art forms & aim to showcase the myriad options within! 

We believe that our folk and tribal arts have the perfect balance of being rooted to their traditions yet having a contemporary appeal!

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Kritika Agrawal


Co-Founder & Brand and Strategy advisor at Abhivyakti Studio

Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India

Growing up, I have collected stamps, postcards and literally everything art! My grandparents would receive letters from far and wide - all those stamps and postcards would eventually make their way to my collection.


As a lawyer, I need to think from the client's perspective. And my love for art helps me do that better. It pushes me to read into the perspective of the artist and understand what they are trying to express.


I strongly believe that art has a deeper purpose than its outward beauty. It is a reflection of us. A reflection of our times. It is a medium of communication. It is also a means to document our lives!


I love how art adds positivity in my everyday life - from that diary I take my client notes on to the postcard I receive from that friend from Oxford or that handmade curio I picked from a small town in Hungary reminding me of my travels!

About Kritika
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