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|| A Day in a Bee's Life, Gond ||




What’s life without whimsy? Said the much loved Dr. Sheldon Cooper! 


Our indigenous Gond artist’s whimsical take on a tree of life flocked by honey bees 🐝 personified as women. 


Bees hold great importance in nature and economy. They symbolise continuity of life, hard work, focus and a sense of community! 

Just like women - who keep a family together, are the givers of life and have the ability to make a house, home! 



Hand painted on Paper  

Style : Gond Tribal Art, Madhya Pradesh

Size : 10"x14"

Framed : No



Styling : Deserves a place of pride in Living Rooms. Works great at the entrance foyer of a home as well. 



Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

A Day in a Bee's Life, Gond

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