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    The women in their multiple roles in daily lives are the real Devis.

    The artist, herself a woman in the traditionally men-dominated field of Gond art has very delicately spun a tale of the women from her village and what all they do for their families in one day. 

    It is a joyous scene with an 'Alice-in-Wonderland'-esque setting with the daily use articles painted as hung on the tree. 


    Bring some good cheer and positivity in your space with this original art work by the Gond tribals of Madhya Pradesh.


    Gond tribals believe that seeing positive imagery brings good fortune.




    Hand painted on Canvas 

    Style : Gond Tribal Art, Madhya Pradesh

    Size : 3ft x 4ft 

    Framed : No



    Styling : Deserves a place of pride in Living Rooms. Works great at the entrance foyer of a home as well. 



    Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

    Devi, Gond

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