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|| Femme Forte, Gond ||


Strong Woman!


The Gond Tribals celebrate the strength of the women!

Their folk lores have it that since the ancient times, women have been the stronger gender. From working the fields to being the emotional support for the entire family, women in these tribes have been the pillars of strength for the entire communities. 


In this art piece, the artist has chosen to showcase their emotional and physical force in the manner of a woman over powering a wild boar!




Gond tribals believe that seeing positive imagery brings good fortune. Their art pieces are demonstrative of the strong story telling passed on through generations i nthe Tribal communities of India. 




Hand painted on Canvas 

Style : Gond Tribal Art, Madhya Pradesh

Size : 18" x 18"

Framed : No



Styling : Quirky



Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

Femme Forte, Gond

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