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  •  || Gopashtami ||



    Resplendently hung at home, a Pichhwai {पिछवई} is the art the heart desires. 



    Style : Pichhwai. Painted on cotton cloth with gold accents.

    Size : Varying, starts at 2'x3'

    Framed : No. Framing can be arranged as required. 


    Styling : Great for formal spaces, this art work brings royalty and glamour to any space it is hung at. 


    Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

    Gopashtami, Pichhwai {पिछवई}

    • Please write to us at for orders, requests/ information. 

      Customisation is possible, all sizes starting from 2ft x 3ft are possible. Please write to us for more information on this. 

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