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Sakhi [Friends]



This painting depicts two women at a well. The village wells are places for women where old friends go to chit chat and new friendships are forged. 

Women are so busy with their day to day chores that these stolen moments are precious for them.

The traditional way of having the very elusive 'me time' that the urban women are in pursuit of!



Madhubani art from the Mithila region draws heavily from the themes of nature and daily life.  

This painting is made on hand made paper specially treated using traditional methods.


Style : Madhubani

Size : 22" x 30" 

Framed : No. 


Styling : Great for formal spaces, this art work brings instant colour to the decor of any area. 


Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

Sakhi [Friends], Madhubani

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