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    Launching our “Reimagined Art” Notebooks :: 100% Handcrafted with love 💕


    Product style: Minimalistic, detail-oriented craftsmanship | Daily use luxury Notebook.


    Artwork: Hand drawn


    Print: Screen Printed (100% printing by hand)


    Paper: 100% Handmade recycled paper


    Binding: Hand Sewn with thread


    About the Artwork : The art work here is inspired by the Gond tribal art motifs, from the Madhya Pradesh region in India. The tribals in this region strongly believe that seeing positive imagery brings good fortune.


    About the Notebook : The pages are all made of 100% Hand made recycled paper. Does not bleed. Great for note taking, sketching or poetry!


    Size : A5

    Pages : 48 pages to write on




    Screen Print Notebook Deer Sun & Mahua Tree

    • Offering Pre-Order discount of 5% 

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