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  • Tree Of Life, Gond


    Bring some good cheer and positivity in your space with this original art work by the Gond tribals of Madhya Pradesh.


    Gond tribals believe that seeing positive imagery brings good fortune.


    Tree of life is used as a symbol of life and vitality. It represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe.

    These intricately created pieces are made by Tribal artisans as an ode to the nature around them. 


    Hand painted on Paper 

    Style : Gond Tribal Art, Madhya Pradesh

    Size : 11" x 14" 

    Framed : Yes



    Styling : Place it on top of a mantlepiece at home or hang it in your office to bring in cheer and colour!

    Also great for Children's rooms' decor. 



    Disclaimer : This is a hand made product, some inconsistencies may be expected.

    Tree Of Life, Gond

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